10 Easy Tips to Make a Baby Stop Crying Hysterically

A baby is crying hysterically.

The hysterically crying baby is one of the most common scenarios parents have to deal with, and it never gets any easier. There are so many questions, which makes it impossible to prepare. Parents, do you want to know what works when you’re trying to make your baby stop crying hysterically? Well, all your questions will be answered in this article on how to make a baby stop crying hysterically.

There’s nothing worse than when a baby cries hysterically. It’s so loud, and it seems never to stop!

But did you know that there are reasons why babies cry hysterically? And if you know what those reasons are, you can help stop them from crying so much! Here are 10 easy tips to make a baby stop crying hysterically:

1. Make Sure Your Baby Is Not Hungry or Thirsty.

If they are hungry, try feeding them milk or formula. If they’re thirsty and need water, give them some water in a bottle (if they don’t take bottles yet, try giving them the bottle upside down).

2. Check the Temperature

Check the temperature of the room your baby is in. Adjust accordingly if it’s too warm or cold for them.

3. Put Out the Lights

Make sure there are no bright lights near where your baby is sleeping if possible; this can be especially helpful if they have colic—bright lights can keep them awake longer than they would otherwise be able to sleep at night!

4. Try Swaddling Them

A swaddled newborn baby sleeping in a bonnet.

If they have colic and need extra support while sleeping, try swaddling them with a light blanket when they’re ready to go down for a nap or bedtime (and make sure it isn’t too tight!). The added support will help keep them comfortable while they rest their little heads on those pillowy little pillows we call cheeks!

5. Gently Rock Them

It’s okay to hold and gently rock them, but don’t pick up your pace or speed up you’re rocking if they calm down—you’ll make them more upset! Watch this video to learn how to swing your baby.

6. Change Their Diaper

Unrecognizable father changing a diaper to his crying baby son

Change their diaper again if it gets messy or drenched in urine or poop, even if it’s not complete yet.

7. Play Some Music

Try putting on some music for them and see how that goes—if it helps them calm down, great! But don’t turn up the volume too much. Otherwise, you’ll irritate everyone else in the room! (You might ask someone else in the room to change songs for you.)

8. Make Some Noise

If you have toys that make noise and vibrate—like those little plastic rattles—try shaking one near your baby’s ear; this may help distract her from her crying jag and bring her back into focus on something else besides her discomfort (and yours).

9. Give Them Something to Hold

Give your baby something to hold onto, like a toy or blanket, so they feel secure and comfortable while sleeping or resting in their crib/stroller/car seat/swing/etc.

10. Try a Baby Massage

A woman massaging her baby.

Massaging a baby has many benefits, including relaxing your baby. Take off your babies’ clothes and massage them gently and firmly. Avoid using oils or lotions until your baby’s at least a month old. Talk peacefully as you do it, and keep the room warm enough.

Final Thoughts

Crying is a form of communication, and the fact that it usually indicates discomfort or some other negative state makes sense. Babies are notoriously fickle and prone to fits of crying, so we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to help you make a baby stop crying hysterically. As a side note, excessive crying can often be linked to developmental delays in the baby’s ability to self-soothe. It’s essential to seek medical attention if your baby continues to cry excessively beyond four months.

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