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Children who are leaders can make a difference in our big world.


Our philosophy is to embrace our differences and celebrate diversity with our children, families, and community. Being part of a solid network gives us a sense of belonging where everyone can thrive. At DeeCyDa, we go above and beyond education and keep our families at the center of everything we do.

At DeeCyDa, your child will learn about etiquette, social behavior, cognitive development, and emotional growth. We want to teach your children that knowledge improves their ability to think, analyze, and process the world regardless of age. Not only does education increase their knowledge, but it helps them open their minds to new perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and cultures.
We truly believe kids are the future, and as Mahatma Gandhi said: “The future depends on what we do in the present.”

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Why Choose DeeCyDa?

We have created a community for our children and families to celebrate our differences through food, music, and cultural celebrations and make all families feel welcome. We offer classes from 12 weeks-18 years old, allowing your child to continue growing in our program.

We place great value on starting education early at our center; therefore, we created unique curriculums. All of our programs are based on different age-appropriate learning that allows children to flourish.

At DeeCyDa, we provide a low student-per-teacher ratio, allowing us to have one-on-one relationships with each child as needed.

We offer homemade meals with fresh and organic ingredients that provide diverse cuisines through our menu. Kids can explore different cultures through food and get all the necessary nutrients.

At DeeCyDa, we accommodate children with allergies and special diets. We also serve gluten-free, nut-free, and veggie meals and snacks.


We do all the work, and you get all the credit!

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