Learning is Wise and Wisdom is Power! At DeeCyDa, kids learn about etiquette, social behavior, cognitive development, and emotional growth.

Day Care Center Irvine

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At DeeCyDa, in a safe and loving environment, kids will learn to grow their minds, develop their creativity, and harness their talent! With our guidance, kids will learn about etiquette, social behavior. We also help them to further their cognitive development and emotional growth.


I have been working as an instructor at DeeCyDa for almost 5 months and can say I have had such a blast working here. Never have I seen learning and fun come together so well. Over these few months I have developed a very good relationship with the kids and have loved watching them grow. DeeCyDa has also made me feel valued as a worker. I am so glad I joined the team at DeeCyDa and am excited to see what we will do in the future!

Kassra Amidi

When the pandemic started I knew that our 3 years old son needed a good and safe home base school option. We did a lot of research into the wide variety of options Before choosing Deecyda . We could not be happier .our son thrives with one-on-one teaching . The administration team have become our family friends.overall a solid 5-star experience!

Milad Babazadeh

Super friendly staff with a positive atmosphere makes going to work every day a pleasant experience. My 7 years old son loves here. He always ask to go even on weekends. I’m more than happy to find them and recommend to any friends or family to send their kids to DeeCyDa.

Hoorie Esmaeilpour

Deecyda was a life saver for our 2nd grader during this pandemic year! Amanda, the director, is so involved and dedicated to my son’s online learning that he thrived during this stressful year. Additionally, all of the staff are so supportive and they have amazing after school programs to keep the kids intellectually and physically stimulated. I have yet to find another program that is so well balanced and focused on my child’s overall development. My son has learned how to play chess and has improved his emotional health with weekly yoga and taekwondo classes, just to name a few of the wonderful educational programs. My son loves going there. Overall this is an amazing learning center and I highly recommend Deecyda!

Marjon and Sina M

When I moved to Irvine a couple of years ago I struggled to find after school care for my little. Was looking for a place that worked with my schedule, one which I could afford and most importantly somewhere that provided activities my son could benefit from long term. I didn't want him tooling around on video games! I found this in DeeCyDa!!!! The staff is amazing! They really care about your kid's wellbeing and success. The activities offered are unlike what we have experienced at any other after school care program before. Taekwondo, chess & cooking were a few of the ones my son really liked this past Spring Break. His confidence has soared since starting this program. We are all super excited for the summer program too! They were a life saver when COVID quarantine hit and I couldn't find anywhere I felt safe leaving him while my husband and I both had to work. Thank you Masheed & Amanda! If you can get your kid enrolled here, I promise you won't want to take them anywhere else! I can't say enough wonderful things about them!

Crystal Manning

There has been significant progress since I sent my son to this center. I am very satisfied with their services. In addition to classes, they also have excellent extracurricular classes.

Mostafa Omidi

Now that my family is vaccinated, I started looking for a learning center for my son and I found this place. I visited it last week and it is one of the best schools I have ever seen. It is nice, clean, pleasant, spacious and the teachers are excellent. They have personalized attention for each child, they teach them, they cook them at home and they take good care of them. They also have extracurricular classes like Taekwondo, singing and painting which helps them develop discipline and the artistic side of the children. The singing teacher was the lead singer of the Phantom of the Opera. Best school cannot be found.

Ana Lucía García

About Us

We believe kids deserve to know their full potential early to prepare for their future! Our goal is to teach kids critical problem solving, regardless of age, with novel and meaningful information that helps them think, analyze, and process the world around them.
Education is essential because it improves their knowledge and opens their minds to new perspectives, ideas, beliefs, and cultures.

“The future depends on what we do in the present.”

– Gandhi

Our Team of Professionals

Mahsheed Hosseini has specialized in business, leadership, and coaching. She received an MBA.

Dr. Basiri has a doctoral degree in nutrition and has been a registered dietitian for more than 15 years.

Amanda Shusted obtained her BS degree in Child Adolescent studies at California State Fullerton.

Kids Love Us

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Interactive Programs

Our programs are designed to be very interactive and entice excitement, enthusiasm and engagement.

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Nutrition Education

We want all our kids to learn how to make the best decisions when it comes to food and snacks.

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Brain Development

We provide the best environment and conditions for children to learn and develop different brain skills.

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Multi-Growth Stages

We have special programs for different stages of growth and learning which aim to maximize the learning process and efficacy.

Irvine Daycare Center

When choosing the right daycare for your child, there are some essential qualities that you may want to look for in a program. Children thrive in a safe and fun environment, making it easy to set the foundation from which they grow. We believe that the following things make our program different from others.


At DeeCyDa, we believe parents should feel free to communicate with us whenever they want. We have someone available at all times for phone calls if you need to make a call for whatever reason. Since we want to maintain a culture of communication between DeeCyDa and our parents, we encourage you to communicate any changes in your kids schedule with us.

Open Access

As a parent, I know how it feels to go to a childcare center and feel welcome; therefore, we structure our business to make parents feel welcome to visit our center at any time while we are open. Our culture of openness is to ensure you feel comfortable with the place you are sending your kid.

Safety is Our Top Priority

We always make an extra effort to ensure the safety of your child. We are always inspecting our facility for the following potential hazards:

  • Window blind pull strings are fastened up out of reach
  • Cribs are out of reach of windows and blinds
  • All outlet covers are sturdy
  • Stairs are blocked off by gates
  • Changing tables and high chairs have securing straps
  • Toys are clean and in good working condition
  • Small objects that can choke a child are removed.
  • Potentially toxic substances (like medications and cleaning supplies) are secured and out of children’s reach.
Advanced Notice of Changes

As part of our open communication policy, you will be notified of any changes long before they are implemented. We also will give you advanced notice if there are any changes in our hours or fees. So, you can make any necessary accommodations to your schedule to ensure your child gets the care they need.

Service Does Not Interfere with the Child’s Way of Life

At DeecyDa, we will not make any drastic changes to how your child is being treated. To register with us, you are required to complete a Pre-admission Health History, Record Form, & Immunization Form before your child attends. We do not offer any parental advice unless appropriate, and all our instructors abide by the parents’ wishes no matter what. We uphold families’ requests such as schedule, food, and toilet training. The only time one of our instructors can offer any advice is when you ask for it.

At the foundation of our program, communication and safety are our top priorities. So, with this information in mind, we hope you feel comfortable contacting our center and signing up your child for the best experience.