10 Essential Life Skills for Teens in 2023

A teenager becoming confident by practicing life skills for teens.

In just a few short years, the world of tomorrow will be upon us. This is a compelling time for all of us, especially for teens growing up in this new world. So, what skills will they need to get them through it? According to Life Skills for Teens, a book by Karen Harris, the following is our list of 10 essential life skills for teens that they should learn to thrive in 2023.

What Are Life Skills?

Life skills, also known as ‘non-cognitive’ or ‘soft’ skills, are a set of abilities every person needs to thrive in the modern world. These are abilities that are not often taught in school but are essential for success in the workplace and life. Life skills can be divided into cognitive, adaptive, and interpersonal.

Cognitive skills involve thinking critically, problem-solving, and processing information. Adaptive skills refer to the ability to manage one’s emotions and behavior, as well as the ability to handle stress. Interpersonal skills are the ability to interact and build relationships with others.

Teens in 2023 will need more than just academic skills to succeed. Life skills for teens will be essential for their future careers and personal relationships. They will need to think critically, solve problems quickly and effectively, manage their emotions and behavior, and build strong relationships with others. Developing these skills will help them become self-directed, independent, and confident young adults who can take on future challenges.

1. Budgeting

Budgeting is among the essential life skills for teens. They must be able to make a budget, track their spending, and then stick to the budget. They’ll also need to learn to prioritize the things they want most in life over those less important ones. DeeCyDa offers financial literacy learning activities that create an essential understanding of money, leading kids to more productive, happier years in the future.

2. Cooking

Happy teenagers having fun in the kitchen preparing a pizza and chatting with broad smiles on their faces

Teens must know how to cook for themselves, their families, and their friends. They’ll also need to know how much food costs so they can plan accordingly when cooking.

3. Analytics

As more jobs become automated by robots or artificial intelligence (AI), teens will have to learn how to use analytics software that companies use today to figure out where companies are going wrong with their operations and where they can improve them based on the data they collect from these programs. 

4. Problem-Solving

A young teenage girl with wacky afro hair looking up, thinking, and solving problems isolated against a grey background.

Problem-solving is one of the significant life skills for teens. Teens will need the ability to solve problems in different situations, whether it’s a personal problem, such as deciding what college courses you want your child to take next year, or a professional one, like figuring out which job offer you should accept if offered two positions at different companies with different pay scales but similar benefits packages like health care coverage for both employees’ families (if any).

5. Decision-Making

Decision-making is among the critical life skills for teens. In the future, teens will be making decisions all the time. They’ll have to decide what courses to take in college, whether or not they want to get a job, and even what they want to do with their life.

Decision-making is a skill that can be improved with practice. Teens need to practice making small decisions like choosing between two outfits for school or what type of food they want for dinner and gradually increase in difficulty level as they get more experienced. 

6. Listening

Listening is among the life skills for teens, as it is essential for communicating effectively, especially during group discussions and meetings. Teens should also listen to others’ ideas because they can offer new perspectives on a problem or situation they hadn’t thought about before! 

7. Communication

Mom with her pre-teen daughter hugging, positive feelings, good relations.

Communication is one of the life skills for young adults. Not only do teens need to understand others’ points of view and communicate effectively, but it’s also necessary when working together on group projects or assignments. 

8. Time Management

Time management is among critical life skills for teens because it helps people stay organized and productive throughout their lives—it’s never too early for teens to start learning how to manage their time.

9. Goal Setting

Goal setting is among the life skills for teens and every teenager should know it because it is a skill that helps them to get what they want. It is an important part of the process of planning. It involves looking at their current situation, figuring out what they need to do to reach their goals, and then making a plan for how to do it.

10. Coping with Emotions

Coping with emotions is among the 100 things every teenager should know. It means being able to deal with solid feelings healthily. Teens need to learn this skill because they often face situations where their emotions can get the best of them—for example, when they’re dealing with peer pressure or having trouble making friends at school. It is also important to teach them how to express their feelings. Read 5 Ways to Teach and Help Children to Express Their Feelings to learn more.


For many teens, the future of 2023 is just a vague notion that needs more attention. But that needs to change. The future is coming, and we need to be ready for it in every way possible. Young adults need to be prepared for the challenges that are undoubtedly on their horizon, and one way to prepare them is by training their minds for what lies ahead and teaching them to practice the essential life skills for teens.

By teaching our teens life skills, we can confidently lay a foundation for them to face whatever path the future holds. And through this preparation, we can provide them with an invaluable resource—the skill set they will need to survive and thrive as adults.

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