Enrichment Program 13 years – 18 years

Ages: 13 years - 18 years

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We offer the best classes for teenagers who are ready to accelerate their potential through Mentor coaching.

Our advisors will prepare your soon-to-be ladies and gentlemen with essential skills through a fun and interactive mentorship program. Our mentors will provide confidential support to give them beneficial tools to succeed in their soon-to-be adult life.
Not only will we be offering in-person classes, but we will also have online courses your teen will be able to explore.

Through our courses, students will discover their purpose and find motivation in planning their future with our one-of-a-kind mentor! Now is the time to invest in your young adults.

Additional info

Age group:
13 years - 18 years
Middle school
High school
Program calendar:
Traditional school year
Class size:
14 kids
Class duration:
8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Class staff:
1 Teacher


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